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Across The Universe Of Time (Live) English Medium

by Hayley Westenra

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When the sea falls from the shore
As the light low, will I see you any more?
As the falls from the sky
Can I you back, from a distant lullaby?
Show me your vision, the begun
Two lights are rising and burning as one

In the deep of the night
Shine the millions of stars and my spirit burning bright
Spinning on, into the sun
Flying now my journey's begun
And the cold, cold wind, it me away
The feeling all over is a black, black day
But I that I'll see you again
And I know that you're me

There's a star, calling my name
It's echo is true and the song is not the same
Take my hand and lead me away
Bring me back to you in I'm going to stay
Tell me vision, the begun
Two are and burning as one

All those years drifting in space
I have known you well, yet I've never seen your face
You turn around, at me
in eyes and now I can see
And the cold, cold wind, it me away
The all over is a black, black day
But I know I'll see you again
And I that you're near me

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