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The Body Of An American English Medium

by The Pogues

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
The Cadillac stood by the house
And the yanks they were within
And the they advice
'Hot-wire her with a pin'
we turned and shook as we had a look
In the room the dead men lay
So big Jim Dwyer made his last trip
To the shores his father's laid
But fifteen minutes later
We had our first taste of whiskey
was uncles giving lectures
On ancient Irish history
The men all started jokes
And the women they got frisky
At five o'clock in the evening
Every bastard was piskey
Fare thee well
Gone away
There's nothin' left to say
Farewell to New York City boys
To Boston and PA
He took them out
With a well-aimed clout
He was heard to say
I'm a born man of the USA
He fought the champ in Pittsburgh
And he slashed him to the ground
He took on Tiny Tartanella
And it only went one round
He never had no time for reds
For drink or dice or whores
But he never threw a fight
When the fight was right
So him to the war
thee well
Gone away
There's nothin' left to say
With a Joe and go
My love's in Amerikay
The calling of the rosary
wine from far away
I'm a free man of the USA, yeah!

This on the harbou
When I said goodbye to you
I remember how I swore
That I'd come back to you one day
And as the came to meet
The evening on the hill
I told you I'd always love you
I always did and I will
thee well
Gone away
There's nothin' left to say
Except to say adieu
To your eyes as blue
As the in the bay
To big Jim Dwyer, the man of war
Who was often heard to say
I'm a free born man of the USA
I'm a born man of the USA
I'm a free born man of the USA

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