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It's All Over (Cover) English Medium

by Glee Cast

Mr. Shue was supposed to love me
I turn my back
And find myself out on the line
You could've warned me
But that would've been too kind
I've been warning you for months
To clean up your act
You've been late, you've been mean
Giving all kind of stupid flack
That's a lie, that's a lie
It's just, I haven't been feeling that well
Effie, please
Stop excusing yourself
You've been late, you've been mean
And getting fatter all the time
Now you're lyin', you're lyin'
I've never been so thin
You're lyin', you're lyin'
'Cause you're knockin' off that piece
Thinks she's better than everybody
Runnin' for president
She ain't better than anybody
She ain't nothin' but common
Now you listen to me Ms. Blame-it-on-the-world
I put up with you for much too long
I have put up with your bitchin'
I put up with your naggin'
And all your screamin' too
(Oohh) now when are you two gonna to stop
All this fighting!?
Stay out of this Finn
This is between Santana and me
Yeah! Well it's between me too
I'm as much a part of this group as anybody else
And I'm tired, Effie, I'm tired
Of all the problems you're makin' up
I always knew you two worked together
I always knew you two were ganging up on me
Kurt had nothing to do with this change
It was you
It was you, always thinking of you
Always thinking of you
Lay off, Effie
Just take the money and run
You in this with them Puck?
Cool it, Effie
This time you know what you've done
So they got your behind too, huh?
I said, cool it, Effie.
This time you've gone too far
(Oh) I can go further. I can go further
I don't wanna stay around this
I'm just breakin' in to this buisness
This is between all of you
This is none of my affair
I'm not feelin' well, I got pain
(Effie, we all got pain)
(Oh) for two years I stuck with you
I was your sister
(You were a trouble)
And now you're telling me, it's all over
(And now telling you, it's all over)
And now, I'm telling you, I ain't goin'
(It's all over)
I ain't goin'
(It's all over)

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