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Black And Yellow English Easy

by Wiz Khalifa

Reppin' my ____________ when you see me you know everything

Black stripe, ____________ paint I hear they scared of it, but them pro's ain't

Hear them ____________ talk but there's nothing you can tell 'em just made a million got another million on my schedule

Reppin' my ____________ when you see me you know everything

Got a ____________ from my jeweler, this just in and women love me 'cause I'm messin' with their best friends Not a lesbian, but she a freak though This ain't for one night, I'm shinin' all week, bro

I'm sippin' ____________ and rockin' yellow diamonds so many rocks up in my watch I can't tell what the time is

Got a ____________ of big faces throw it up 'cause everybody that I'm with tailored

When I ____________ off the lot, that's stuntin'

Reppin' my ____________ when you see me you know everything

Stay high ____________ how I'm supposed to do that crown underneath them clouds can't get close to you and my car look unapproachable super clean but it's super mean

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