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Dead End English Hard

by Faylan

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
The girl the sharp thorn in her flesh
I you at your story
Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love

Do you kill your friends, if you can fulfill your wish?
Can you die for someone?
They are synonymous words

Life is a game It's a That's right! How do you start?
Time and Space It' s a crossroad through a gate! Where do you go?

You seek eternal breath
Why do you to live?
We don't this came into
We are the leaper

Nothing's change with you in the world
will be decided by the rules
Oh, We are traveling the past and the future through love

Break out!
Let's dial back all the pains and we will be born again
I wanna see the with you
Over the miracle
It's not a End

The boy with the loneliness in his
I wanna control your soul
Behind the hatred there lies a plundering love

The has over
But we are fixating on
The past is still to come
Yes! They are in the same

Death is a frame It's a spiral That's all How do you think?
God and Evil It's a scapegoat through the What do you know?
"What's at the back of your mind? I can't hold your hand"
You say "Where are you going to take me? I can't believe"
We walk the parallel line

Nothing's gonna my deep love for you
Everything be going right for me
Oh, we are wandering in light and darkness through eyes

Break down! Let's revamp all the truth and we will create a fact
I wanna feel the reality with the of doubt

I love you 'cuz you are always by my side...

Dead or Alive Dead or Alive
Back to you...
Can't you read? Can't you see?
My in your virtual vision
Save my life! Save your life!
Why do you come here? I'm such a liar
Bad choice! Bad sign!
It is a prologue of collapse
I don't stop desire 'cuz I can't forget you

Nothing's gonna change with you in the
Everything will be decided by the rules
Oh, We are traveling the and the future through

Break out!
Let's dial all the pains and we will be again
I see the stars you
the miracle
It's not a Dead End
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