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To Carry Many Small Things English Medium

by Mina Tindle

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I want to say twice
We can’t be too long
We can’t be too strong to try
Slow to care
And one by one, we are for the ties
We like the keep inside
In a hard wooden house

I guess, been carrying many small things
Would you be able to with me?
It’s just a game, a game that you to play
Without the and if I fall with you, with you

Step by step, we are tracing your
We like to believe one day
It make sense
And in the dark, when we like not
We’ll be trying to hands, trying to hold
My bones will be no stronger than the pieces of

…harder it is to forget,
…and if I fall would you fall with me?
Hard, hard, hard it is,
Hard, hard, it is,

I guess, I’ve been many small things
you be to come there with me?
It’s a game, for you have to play
the and if I fall with you, fall with you
And if I fall, would you fall with me?
And if I fall, would you me?
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