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Dancing's Not A Crime English Medium

by Panic At The Disco

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I’m a moonwalker
I’m like MJ up in the clouds
I know it sounds awkward
I’m filthy as charged
a sweet talker
But darlin’ whatcha gonna say now
The midnight marauders
The higher never come down

You can't me anywhere
You can't take me anywhere
still uninvited
I’m still gonna light it
going insane
And I don’t care
tell you…

Dancin Ooo
Dancin Ooo
Dancin’s not a crime
‘less you do it without me
Dancin Ooo
Dancin Ooo
not a
Unless you do it
do it
do it do it do it
without me

And if you’re night (with him)
I won’t take it lying down
got a few lawyers
And your guilty as
Guilty as charged
We could be waltzin’
But darlin’ don’t be throwin shade now
Don’t me
If you’re at alter
gimme your vows
Gimme your vows
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