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Вставте правильну форму дієслова , слухаючи пісню English Easy

by Bruno Mars - Don't Give Up

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
When you do something that's new
And it seems really, really hard to do
You feel quitting, you feel you're through
Well I have some advice for you
Don't give up
on tryin'
You're gonna make it
I ain't lyin'
Don't give up, don't ever quit
Try and try and you can do it
Don't up, yeah
If you want to a ball
But you're havin' no luck at all
The ball hits your head, it hits your nose
It your belly, your and toes
Well, try and try and try again
Keep on trying until the end
You put hands out in the air
You'll catch the ball
Yes I swear
Don't give up
on going
You're on a boat,
So keep on rowing
Don't give up, don't stop
Try and try and you'll come out on top
Don't give up
You got rollerskates
You put on
And you great
Stand up, but you fall, don't you can skate at all
You get up, and then you trip,
You skip and tip and slip, and flip
You try and try and try more
Soon you're skating across the floor
Don't up, keep on moving,
You're gonna get there, just on grooving
Don't give up, don't it in
Try and try, and you'll win
Don't give up
No no no no, don't give up
No no no no, don't give up
No no no, don't give up
No no, don't up!
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