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Pre-Intermediate Workbook 1A English Medium

by Tata

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
- Great party.
- Yes, it is.
- Sorry...hi...my name's Ben.
- I'm Sandra.
- What do you do, Sandra.
- I'm a nurse. How about you ?
- Me? Oh, I'm a student.
- A student? Really? What do you go to ?
- Manchester. I go to Manchester University. I'm in my of medicine.
- Do you like it ?
- Yes, I do. I like it very much...
- What do you of the music, Sandra? Do you like it?
- No, not really.
- of do vou listen to?
- I like music.
- Do you? Who's favourite band?
- Muse. I Muse.
- Me, too. Did you go to the concert last month?
- No. I didn't. Was it good?
- Yes, it was excellent. I'm sorry you missed it.
- Do you do any sport or exercise. Sandra?
- Yes, I play tennis.
- Ah , nice. I play rugby. I'm in the university team.
- Are you?
- Yes, lam . But I play tennis, too. we can play one day.
- Maybe. But I usually play with my boyfriend.
- Your boyfriend?
- Yes, here he is. Wayne, this is Ben. Ben, Wayne. Wayne Hello. to meet you .
- Hi . Um, look at the time. Um , must go - friends are waiting for me. Um , bye Sandra.
- Bye.
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