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Hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee English Hard

by ALASKA THUNDER**** 5000

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
1) in the gaps

________to the show
The rules of ___________ are quite simple
So if you could from Grindr for _________
Listen ________

2) Put the lines in the correct order

Do you think I look like this so I can exist in your feeble memory? (HA!)
The more you drink, the prettier we look
Take a and I'll forever!
The use of flash photography is strictly mandatory
Get your drinks now people

3) There are three extra lines that are not in the song- cross them out!

Is this your boyfriend, honey?
He is my boyfriend, honey
Not anymore!
Tipping is compulsory
If you don't know what compulsory means
I'll spell it out for you
I'll give it out to you
Tip. These. Men!

4) Circle the correct option

It takes a lot of to look cheap/chip darling!
Be kind/mild to your entertainers
If you see a flaw/flew, squint
If you see a bulge/bridge, don't be mad!
of the most beautiful women in the world p******!
If you see/meet something you don't like
Something unseemly or offensive/effective
Something vile/mild or disgusting
We'll be happy to take your complaints/remains the show!
At the corner/partner of 'f**** you and go f**** yourself avenue.com!'
I'll see/read you there!
Bring a sweater/better

5) Fill in the gaps
If you _______ you can do better, _________
I ___________you
Put on a wig and mash your around to other people's ________ for 4 and a half _________
It's not as __________ as it looks!
Do you _______ a hairpiece?
Here, you can ________ mine!

6) Put the lines in the correct order

Respect, kindness, compassion!
And of all, whenever possible
Okay, alright, but how about sensual? (YEAH!)
Do I look gorgeous? (YEAH!)
Show generosity to these monstrosities!
Okay, but how about sexy? (YEAH!)
me I look gorgeous!
I swear its to get a little tiny compliment out of you people!
Alright, but how about breathtaking? Jeez! (YEAH!)
us we look gorgeous
Now let's review everybody!
us we look gorgeous

7) There are three extra lines that are not in the song- cross them out!

Your makeup is terrible
Your clothing is terrible
If you're not wearing nails, you're not drag
Don't ever touch my hair
Don't never catch my hair
I love your p******
Give me all your money
Come on nature!
out mature!
on natch!
Come on build-up!

8) Choose the correct option

Everybody, everywhere
Everybody, everywhere/everything, nowhere
Hiee, hiee, hieee, hieee, hiee
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