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Country House English Easy

by Blur

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
So the story begins)
City dweller
Successful fella
Thought to himself:
"Oops, I've got a lot of money
Caught in a rat race
I'm a professional cynic
But my heart's not in it
I'm paying the of living at the limit
Caught up in the century's anxiety"

Yes, it preys on him
He's thin
(Try the simple life)

He lives in a house
A very big house
In the country
Watching afternoon repeats
And the food he eats
In the country
He all manner of pills
And piles up bills
In the country
Oh, it's like an animal farm
That's the charm
In the country

He's got glory and life's a different story
Everything's going Jack and Dory
with his own mortality
He's reading Balzac, knocking back Prozac
It's a hand that makes you feel bland
Oh, it's a century's remedy
For the at heart
A new start
(Try the simple life)

He lives in a house
A very big house
In the country
He's got a fog in his chest
So he a lot of rest
In the country
He doesn't drink, smoke, laugh
Takes baths
In the country
You come to no harm
On the animal farm
In the country

(Blow, blow me out, I am so sad, I don't know why)
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