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Game On English Medium

by The Guild

Codex, what are you doing? It's game time!
I think I play too much...
People say it's weird. We should cut back
That's insane

What are you doing?
I'm convincing you to play through song
It's not going to work

Boot up, embrace the feeling
The start button is the portal to your being
Turn on, it's a pleasure device
Game with me, it's the ultimate spice!
I promise you, it won't ever be dull
In a world you're all powerful
I'll buff you, don't be affraid
It's Tuesday night, let's do this raid!

Game On!
Is it immature? (Game On!)
I'm insecure... (Game On!)
Don't /gquit on me! (Game On!)
We got keyboard chemistry

I feel so much shame...
I get dissed for saying that I game
No one understands why I'm living in a fantasy land
In-game you've got cool hair
Go from slumdog to a millionaire
Level up, feel the bliss. Forward slash, almost kiss!
Game On!
Invite Sent! (Game On!)
Hop on Vent! (Game On!)
Say it proud! (Game On!)
Screw the crowd! (Game On!)
No one else to please. (Game On!)
I'll press your hot keys! (Game On!)
There's no disgrace
Go the hell real life, I'll punch you in the face!

(Game On! Game On! Game On!...)

Game on!
Steal my breath! (Game On!)
No perma-death! (Game On!)
Don't resist! (Game On!)
Give that bulb a twist

I'll admit, when we party it sizzles
Won't let the spell fizzle
Grab the reigns, don't re-roll
Point and click, take control!
Game On!
No disrespect! (Game On!)
We're not rejects! (Game On!)
No Remorse! (Game On!)
This is a feeling you can't outsource! (Game On!)
Invite Sent! (Game On!)
I'm on Vent! (Game On!)
Never (/gquit) on me! (Game On!)
We've got keyboard chemistry!
(Game Oooonn!)

(Game Oooonn! Ooohhhh! Oooohhh!)
(Oh! Gaaaame Oooon!)
(G g g g game!)
Game On!
Ok, that worked
Let's play!
So... what do I do with these guys?
Cause I paid for a full hour. So...
(Game Off!)

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