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It's a long way
I tried hard not to fall apart
Every night I pray
And your voice is singing in my heart
I have been waiting
A for you to my hand
Loving and hating
A desire that I don’t understand
I can't breath, I can't sleep
Why can't I get to you?
I can't think, I can't speak
am I to do?
I’ve been looking for something to me
Even though I’ve tried I can't deny you
If I let you go, I’d betray my soul
I this is something more
nothing’s spoken for,
a way that you feel the ‘bout me
the stars and see my scars
I feel so low you’re away
So out, it’s not far
Listen to me pray
I've looking for to guide me
Even though I I can't deny you
If I let you go (let you go)
I betray my (my soul)
I know that this is something more
Even though (even though), nothing's spoken for (spoken for)
A way that you feel the same
'bout mee.. ooohhh
If I let you go (let you go)
I betray my (my soul)
I know is something more
Even though, (even though) nothing for (spoken for)
I pray that you feel the same 'bout me
Faith is within me
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