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Satisfy My Soul English Easy

by Bob Marley

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
Oh, please
Don't you rock my boat
'Cause I don't
Want my boat to be rockin'
Oh, please
Don't you rock my boat
'Cause I don't
Want my boat to be rockin'
I'm telling you (oh)
(Oh-ooh, wo-o-wo!)

And then I it, like it this
I it like this, I it this
And you should know
Yes, You should know by now
(And that) I like it
I it like this
I like it this
I like it like this (I like it this)
(Ooh yeah!)
You satisfy my soul
(Satisfy my soul)
(Satisfy my soul) You my soul
(Satisfy my soul)
To every action (satisfy my soul)
There's a reaction (satisfy my soul)
Oh, can't you see
you've done for me
I am happy inside
(Oh) all all of the time (I tell)
When we bend a new corner
I feel like a
Sweepstake winner

When I you the corner (around the corner)
You make me feel like
A sweepstake winner
(Whoa, child!)
Can't you see?
You must me!
Oh darling, darling
I'm calling, calling
Can't you see?
Why won't you believe me?
Oh, darling, darling
Well I'm calling, calling, calling...
Satisfy my soul
In the morning

Satisfy my soul
In the evening

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