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Give It All English Hard

by Rise Against

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Break the undertow
Your I can't to find
Pollution burns my tongue
Cough words I can't speak so I
my struggling
Then I float to the surface
my lungs with air
Then let it out
I give it all
Now there’s a why I sing
So give it all
And it's these that belong to me

Rock bottoms we live
And we dig these trenches
To bury ourselves in them
breaking under tension
For far too long voices
Muffled by distances
It's time to come to our senses
Up from the dirt
We give it all
Now there’s a why I sing
So it all
And it's these reasons belong to me
The air we give
The life we live
Our pulses racing distances
So wet my tongue
Break song
seas of competition
So please believe your eyes
A sacrifice
Is not what we had in our minds
I'm coming home tonight
Home tonight...

We it all
Now there’s a why I sing
So it all
And it's that belong to me
Today I offer all to I'm living for my dying wish
I give it all
Now there's a reason
There's a reason
To it all

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