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What A Feeling English Easy

by Irene Cara

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First there's nothing
But a slow glowing dream
your fear seems to hide
your mind
All alone, I have cried
Silent tears full of pride
In a world made of steel
of stone

Well, I hear the music
Close my eyes, the rhythm
around, take a hold of my heart
What a feeling
Being's believing
I can have it all
Now I'm for my life
your passion
And it happen
Pictures come alive
You can through your life

Now I hear the music
my eyes, I am rhythm
In a flash, it hold of my heart
What a feeling, being's believing
I can have it all
Now I'm dancing for my life
What a feeling...

a feeling (I am music now)
Being's believing (I am rhythm now)
Pictures come alive
You can dance right through your life
a feeling (I can really it all)
I feel it
(Pictures come alive when I call)
I can have it all (I can it all)
Have it all (pictures come alive when I call...)

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