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Sweating Bullets English Medium

by Megadeth

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
Hello me, meet the real me
And my misfits way of life
A dark black is my
Most valued possession
Hindsight is always 20-20
But looking back it's still a bit fuzzy
Speak of mutually assured destruction?
story, tell it to Reader's Digest!
enemy or false friend?
Anxiety's attacking me
And my air is thin
I'm in trouble for the things
I haven't got to yet
I'm chomping at the bit
And my are getting wet
Hello me, it's me again
You can subdue, but never tame me
It gives me a migraine headache
down to your level
Yeah, just on thinking it's my fault
And stay an or two outta kicking distance
has got to know
His limitations
Feeling claustrophobic
Like the walls are closing in
Blood stains on my hands
And I don't know where I've been
I'm in for the things
I haven't got to yet
I'm the axe
And my palms are getting wet
Sweating bullets

Well, me, it's nice talking to myself
A to dementia
day you too will my pain
And smile its tooth grin
If the war inside my head
Won't a day off I'll be dead
My icy fingers your back
I come again
Feeling paranoid
True enemy or false friend?
Anxiety's me
And my air is getting thin

you committed me...
Now you've acquitted me...
For stupidity...
I'm at the bit
I'm the axe
Here I again

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