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These Days English Easy

by Bon Jovi

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
I was walking around, just a face in the crowd
Trying to keep myself out of the rain
Saw a vagabond king wear a Styrofoam crown
Wondered if I might end up the same
There's a man out on the corner
Singing old songs about change
Everybody's got their cross to bare, these days
She came for some shelter
With a suitcase full of dreams
To a motel room on the boulevard
I guess she's trying to be James Dean
She's seen all the disciples
And all the be's
No one wants to be themselves days
Still there's nothing to hold on to but these days
These days the seem out of reach
These there ain't a on the streets
(Oh no, no, no)
These days are fast
Nothing in this age
There ain't nobody left but us these days

Jimmy shoes busted both his legs
Trying to learn to fly
From a second story window
He just jumped and closed his eyes
His momma said he was crazy
He "Momma, I've got to try
Don't you know that all my heroes died
And I guess, I'd rather die than fade away
These days the stars out of reach
But these days there ain't a ladder on the streets
(Oh oh, oh, oh)
days are fast
Love don't lasts in this graceless age
Even innocence has caught the midnight train
And there ain't nobody left but us days

(Oh oh, oh, oh)
I know Rome's still burning
(Oh oh, oh, oh)
Though the times have changed
(Oh oh, oh, oh)
This world turning round
And round and round and round

These the stars seem out of reach
But days there ain't a on these streets
(Oh no, no, no)
These days are fast
Love don't lasts
ain't no time to waste
ain't nobody left to the blame
(Oh no, no, no)
There ain't nobody left but us these days

There ain't nobody left but us days

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