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Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) English Hard

by Lloyd & Lil Wayne & André 3000

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Hey ya
I come to talk this girl that had my love
You see
I went away for a while
She gave my love away
I really shouldn't blame her
But now that (***) is a stranger
Something's on my mind I gotta say it, yeah
Your loving done changed
It ain't the same and that's a shame
A crying shame baby
(Uh) Ain't being funny...
I know another bee's been in that honey...
(Uh uh baby) That loving done changed...
It's such a shame girl and that's a shame...
Who the hell you been giving my loving to girl
(Oh no) Tell me where that gone
(Oh no) 'Cause it don't feel the same
No more (I miss that loving, that loving)
That loving, loving, yeah
(Oh no)
Why you do me that baby
(Oh no) Why is happening to me
(Oh no)
She told me that it was my loving (I miss that loving)
My (my loving)
That loving (that loving)
This loving (that loving)
(Oh no, yeah yeah yeah yeah)
She, she used to be a really special lady
My everything
I guess she's feeling freaky lately
It's such a shame 'cause now the loving's changed
(That loving changed now)
She used to squeeze me...
Grip me tight enough so she could please me
But now now now that loving changed
It's such a shame
That loving changed now
(Oh no) Where did your loving go?
(Oh no) 'Cause girl, I to know
(I miss that loving, that loving)
That loving, that loving now
(Oh no)
You see it was on some old
One of a kind type of shit baby
(Oh no) I can't believe this chick
(Oh no) How you going to me like this
(I miss that loving) That loving
Your loving (that loving)
I miss that oh loving
(Oh no, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Damn, doll, do change ya all
I'm number fan belt they are not important
I don't use a cordless microphone, avoid them
They don't feel real to me
Meaning woman
Others built on me
You the primer on the lime bean green box
When I couldn't afford the Ford
Clean socks scooting across the floor
In your grandmama's house
Hand on your mouth
You yap too much about the Penny-Ante
This mechanic's so uncanny
X-men, X-men, your ex-boyfriend should me
That I took you off his hands
No I can't bring another to the sand
And know I am well aware
you can bring a man to his knees
And get what you need without saying please
But can you bring a man to his feet
When is on repeat
And they put this man's Grammy's on the street
What, why so quiet
Hate that all of our memories happened in a Hyatt
You were perfect before you on a diet
You was way (different)
You think I don't remember
The magazine got to your head
Now somebody you don't even know got you in bed
Bet your buddy don't even know you don't like red
Or was it fuchsia
Our future is dead
(Oh no) I thought a (***) cat had nine lives man
I to (oh no)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (I miss that loving, that loving)
That loving, that loving
(Oh no uh...)
(Oh no) I can't this chick
(Oh no) She gave away all my miss
(I miss that loving) That loving
My loving
Your loving, my loving
(Oh no, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) yeah
I miss you girl

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