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A Happy Place English Medium

by Katie Melua

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
I’m going to a happy
going to find a happy
I’m to find a place

Seven thousand eyes are watching
home and no one’s touching
Army of the city workers
Secretaries, lawyers, brokers
Heading for a station
Heading for a salvation
Oblivious to cherry cola
Trying to sell to every stranger
Stuck here it’s standing
Hoping for some understanding
Only way to go is inside

going to a happy
I’m going to a happy
I’m to a happy place

Seven thousand years travel
Let my sense of time unravel
Trapped feelings are never ending
those descending
Towards the earth’s red centre
Let the fire rise and enter
Tap into the primal power
like a tower
The energy receiving
Cut a hole right through the ceiling
People smaller as you fly
I’m to find a happy
I’m going to find a happy
I’m going to find a happy place

A place
A place
A happy...
Find a star, send a beam to where you are
An of taking you somewhere
Where you’ll always be loved

I have found that stress and nonsense
Puts me in zone of avoidance
my mind be moving faster
Pulling like a super cluster
Can be hard to trust a feeling
But believing ends in seeing

We’re going to find a happy
going to a happy
We’re to find a happy place

A happy place
A happy place
A happy...

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