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A Little Respect English Medium

by Wheatus

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I tried to discover a little to make me sweeter
Oh baby refrain my heart
I'm so in love you
I'll be blue
That you give me no reason, you know you're making me work so hard
That you give me no . . .
I hear you calling
Oh baby please give a respect to me.

And if I should falter, would you open your out to me?
We can love not war, and live in peace with our hearts
I'm so in you, I'll be forever
or reason could drive a man to forsake his lover?
Don't you me no. . . Soul.
I you
Oh baby please, give a little to me.

I'm so in love with you
I'll be forever blue
That you give me no reason
You know you're me so hard
you give me no. Soul.
I hear you calling.
Oh baby, please give a little respect to me.
Oh baby, please give a little to me

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