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Anybody Seen My Baby English Medium

by The Rolling Stones

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
She confessed her love to me
Then she on the breeze
Trying to on to was impossible

She was more than beautiful
Closer to etherial
With a of down to earth flavor

Close my eyes
It's three in the afternoon
I, I realize
That she's really gone for good
Anybody my baby
Anybody seen her around
has gone and made me blind
I've looked but I just can't find
She has gotten lost in the crowd

I was flippin' magazines
In that place on Street
When I I spotted her

And getting on a motor bike
Looking really like
Didn't she me a wave?

The salty tears
It's three in the afternoon
Has she disappeared
Has she really gone for good
Anybody seen my baby...
Anybody seen her around...
If I just my eyes
I reach out and touch the prize
Anybody seen her around
(Oh yeah, that's a loosener)
Anybody seen my baby..
Has seen her, anybody seen her around
If I could as close my eyes
I reach out, reach out and touch the prize
Anybody seen her around...
Anybody seen my baby...
(Anybody seen her around) Lost, lost and found
I have, I must have called her a times
(Oh) sometimes I think
She's just in my imagination...

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