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The World Moves On (Studio) English Hard

by Jens Lekman

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(And this song is called)
(The moves on)

The ran out of numbers
it 50 degrees
I just lay down on the floor
With a bag of peas
We saw plumes of smoke rising
In the distance from our balcony
I a glass of wine
Sucked the juice out of a kiwi
Catherine on the TV
showed acres after acres
Of absolutely nothing
And then Stevie called and said
Are you watching what I'm watching?
I said I'm watching what you're watching
But what is it I'm watching?
The night before I had been bored
And my legs had been restless
It was my birthday
I'd already opened up my presents
At the social club, I met some friends
Who were friends with this girl
One by one they dropped off
Till it was just me and her
We made out in every bar in town
While the state of Victoria
Burned down to the ground

And the sun rose over the city
The wind swept through the valley

And you don't get over a broken heart
You just to carry it gracefully

The Edinburgh Gardens offered
Some kind of shade
I would up some beers
And down there late
Watch the and listen
To Growling banter
There was one I liked especially
I named her Sam as in Samantha
I offered a of apple from my hand
She would sniff it, frown
And then lumber back to the trash can

I was going uphill on my Malvern Star
When I was passed by a scooter
You got a dollar or a cigarette?
Hey, I'm talking to you, poofter
What I should have said was nothing
What I said was "get lost"
Next time I'm upside-down my bike in the dust
Spitting dirt all the way home
Cursing the very ground that I was chewing on

And the sun rose over the city
The wind swept the valley

And you don't get over a broken heart
You learn to carry it gracefully

And that's what it's like
When you've had your heart broken
The world just shrugs its shoulders
And gets going
It just moves on in all its sadness and glory
Over dinner with a friend
I tell her my story
And as I finally put the book
Back on the shelf
She says
Maybe it's time you take a look at yourself

No one's an *******
It takes a lot of hard work
But God I've worked my ass off
To be a jerk
So many hands I've held
While wondering why I felt nothing
And why, I let go of that hand
I always start to feel something
And like a bottle smashed against my head
She'd say
I wish you just would've cheated on me instead

And loving without loving
Is always the worst crime
I know all the signs and signals
'Cause now I've been on sides
The way you your words
The limpness of your hand
I almost died you introduced me as a friend
How can you call me a friend?
If you don't love me
Then please have the dignity to tell me
But I never any of that
I just that hand
And looked at the doormat
The sun rose over the city
The wind swept through the valley

And you don't get over a heart
You just learn to it gracefully

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