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I Wish You'd Stay English Easy

by Brad Paisley

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
I to my in Memphis
And I told her you were movin' to town
Here's her number
She said she'd be glad to show you around

I a map on your seat
in case you lose your way
But don't worry, once you reach Saddlesong
It's all interstate

I know you to go
But you do I want you to know
That I wish you the best
And I you less
Than you've ever of
And I hope that you find the way

But most of all
I you'd stay

I figure about sundown
You'll be in West Tennessee
And by then
Maybe I'll understand why you had to leave

I know you've done changin'
And I know there's no changin' your mind
And yes I know
We've been through a thousand times

And I'm for still holdin' on
I'll try to let go and I'll try to be strong
And I you the best
And I wish you nothing less
Than every you've ever dreamed of
And I hope that you find along the way

But most of all
I you'd stay

Yes, everything you've dreamed of
And I hope that you'll find love along the way
But of all
I wish you'd stay
Yeah, I you'd stay...

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