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¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe! English Medium

by The Killers

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Well I up Christmas morning
And what did I see?
I saw a señorita looking at me
Named Guadalupe
With big brown eyes
Boy did you do this time?
Made my excuses
And a beeline for the bedroom door
She was begging' and a-pleading, screaming
("Por favor, mi cumpleaños")
Stay with me
Baby it's cold outside
We are living' in a difficult time

We've been walking' down a line

Put feet up baby, it's Christmas time
(Cumpleaños feliz)
Happy Birthday Guadalupe
(Our will come)
(Oh oh oh we both hold on)
She me and tortillas
To my head
Then the slippers on my feet
Before she our bed
And blew the candles from her favourite cake
And we beneath the mistletoe
I her close to mine
And I had just one chance
I whisper
"Baby will you marry me for just one dance?"
Infatuation, the things you say
I got scared and I left that night
'Cause we are living' in a difficult time
We've walking a line
Put your up baby, it's time
(Cumpleaños feliz)
Happy Guadalupe
Deck the halls rosaries
Wish upon a Christmas tree
Silent please come to me
Bearing gifts from my...
My Mexican angel

At night I wake up cold and lonely
Busting at the seams
She haunts the early morning hours
Of December dreams
My Guadalupe, with big brown eyes
I wanna break the spell tonight

'Cause we are living' in a time
We've walking' a line
Put your feet up baby, it's Christmas time
(Cumpleaños feliz)
Birthday Guadalupe

Happy Birthday Guadalupe...

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