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Runaways English Medium

by The Killers

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
Blonde hair blowin in the summer wind
A blue-eyed girl playing in the sand
I'd been on a trail for a while
But that was the night
That she broke down and my hand
The rush, she said
Here we are just runaway, we got time
Well that aint much...
We wait til tomorrow
You that this is real
Baby, why you wanna fight it?
Its the one thing you can choose (oh)

We got on a Friday night
I swore on the head of our unborn child
That I could take care of the three of us
But I got the tendency to slip
When the nights get wild
It's in my blood
She says she might just runaway somewhere else
Some place good
We can't wait til tomorrow
You gotta know is real baby
Why you fight it?
It's the one you can choose
Let's take a baby we can't lose
Ain't we all just runaways
I knew I met you
I'm not gonna let you runaway
I that when I held you
I wasn't lettin' go
We used to look at the stars and our dreams
Hold each other to the morning light
We used to laugh, now we only fight
Baby are you now?

At I home after go to sleep
Like a stumbling ghost, I these halls
There's a picture of us on our wedding day
I recognize the girl but I can't settle in these walls

We can't wait til tomorrow
No we're caught up in the baby
Why you wanna it?
It's the last thing on my mind
(Why you wanna it?)
I turn the engine over and my just comes
Alive and we all runaway
I knew that when I met you
I'm not gonna let you runaway
I that when I held you
I wasn't lettin' go (oh oh oh...)
(And were all runaways)
Yeah, runaway (and were all just runaways)

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