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My God (My Guy) English Easy

by Sister Act Cast

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
Hail, girls
Hail, Mary, what's up
Jerusalem's become a drag
Everybody hates me
(Uh, uh) Not guy there
Who, Him
all say He's different
say He's really weird
We don't people say
To us, He's always there (really)

Nothing you say
tear me away my God
My God
you do
'Cause I'm stuck to my God
My God (my God)
I'm sticking to my God like a stamp to a letter
birds of a feather, we stick together
I'm telling you from the start
I can't be torn apart from my God

Nothing you do
Could make me to my God
My God
Nothing you could buy
Could make me tell a lie
To my God (my God, my God)
I gave my God my word of honor
To be faithful (and I'm gonna)
You best be believing
I won't be my God

As a matter of opinion, I think He's tops
My opinion is, He's the cream of the crop
As a of taste
To be exact
He's my ideal
As a matter of fact
No muscle man
Could take my hand from my God
My God
No handsome face
Could ever the place of my God
My God, my God
He may not be a movie star
But when He to being happy
We are
There's not a man today
Who take me away my God
(Let's take them home, ladies)
There's not a man today
Who me away from my God
(Let's give them some of that deep shoulder action)
There's not a man today
Who take me from my God

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