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This Is Sparta! English Easy

by 300 (Movie Clip)

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Now, that's a bit of a problem
See, rumor has it...
...the Athenians, have already you down
And if philosophers and (uh) boy-lovers
Have found that kind of nerve, then...
We be diplomatic
And, of course, Spartans...
...have their reputation to consider
Choose next carefully, Leonidas
They may be your last as king

("Earth and water")
Madman, you're a madman
and water
You'll find of down there
No man
or Greek, no man threatens a messenger
You the crowns
And heads of conquered kings to my city steps
You insult my queen
You my people with slavery and death
Oh, I've chosen my carefully, Persian
you should have the same
is blasphemy
is madness!

This is Sparta!

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