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I Can Hear the Bells English Medium

by Nikki Blonsky

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I can hear the bells
don't you hear them chime?
Can't you feel my heart beat
perfect time
And all because he
Touched me
He looked at me and stared
Yes, he bumped me
My heart was unprepared he
Tapped me
And me off my feet
One little touch now my life's complete
'Cause when he nudged me
Love put me in a fix
Yes it hit me
Just like a ton of brix
Yes, my bursts
Now I know what life's about
One little touch and love's knocked me out and
I can hear the bells
My head is spinning
I can hear the bells
Somethings beginning
Everybody says that a girl who looks like me
Can't win his love
Well wait and see 'cause
I can hear the bells
Just hear them chiming
I can the bells
My temperature is climbing
I can't contain my joy
'Cause I finally found the boy I've been missin'
I can hear the bells
Round one
He'll ask me on a date
And Round two
I'll primp, but wont be late
Because Round three's
When we kiss inside his car
Won't go all the way, but I'll go far
Round four
He'll ask me for my hand
And then five
We'll the wedding band
So by Round six
Amber much to surprise
heavy weight champion takes the prize
And I can hear the bells
My ears are ringing
I can hear the bells
The bridesmaids are singing
Everybody says that a guy who's such a gem
Won't look my way
Well the laughs on them 'cause
I can hear the bells
My father will smile
I can hear the bells
As he me down the isle
My mother starts to cry
But I can't see 'cause Link and I are french kissin'
I can hear the bells

I can hear the bells
My head is reeling
I can hear the bells
I can't stop the peeling
that he won't like what he'll see
But I he'll inside of me, yeah
I can the bells
Today's just the 'cause
I can hear the bells
And till death do us part and
we die
We'll look down from up above
Remembering the night that we two fell in love
We will shed a tear
And he'll whisper as we're reminiscing
I can the bells
I can hear the bells
I can the bells

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