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The Real Legacy of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Iron Lady English Medium

by The Heritage Foundation

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In the spring of 1979
In the wake of Britain's "Winter of Discontent"
Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party
Won a landslide victory
The Iron Lady took the helm of a fading Britain
The man of Europe
As it had come to be known
But she refused to that decay
Was inevitable
And that the job of the British governmen
Was to manage decline
Britain, believed, could do better

"Some socialists seem to believe
That people should be numbers in a computer
We believe they should be individuals
We're all unequal
No one, thank heavens, is quite like anyone else
However much the socialists
May pretend otherwise
And we believe that everyone
Has the right to be unequal
But to us
Every human being is important"

And while she had no shortage of critics
"The Minister is aware that
I detest every single one of her domestic policies
And I have hidden that fact"
"I think the Honorable Gentleman knows
I the contempt
For his socialist policies
As the the of Europe
Who have experienced them..."
She was secure in her faith
her conservative was right
"One of the great debates of our time
Is how much of your money
Should be by the state
And how much you should keep
To spend on your family
If the state wishes to spend more
It can do so only by borrowing your savings
Or by taxing you more
And it's no thinking someone else will pay
That someone is you"
She knew what Ronald Reagan knew
That free markets and a people
Are the best defense against tyranny
And that peace comes through strength
Not accommodation
"Mr. Speaker
Wars are not caused
By the build-up of weapons
are caused when an aggressor
Believes he can achieve his objectives
At an acceptable price"

America now at a crossroads
One path to deficits
Decreasing influence and decline
The other a renewed American dream
We all want

"Mr. Chairman
People want to live in peace
lasting peace
The peace that comes
From independence of the state
And being able to run your own life
Spend own money
And make your own choices
And, all
The peace of a country
Which is properly defended
any potential adversary"
As we of our choices
The legacy of Britain's Iron Lady
Remains a guide

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