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Runes To My Memory English Medium

by Amon Amarth

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We rode the rivers of the Eastern trail
Deep in the land of the Rus'
Following the wind in our sails
And the of the oars
No shelter in this hostile land
Constantly on guard
Ready to fight and defend
Our the bitter end
We came under attack
I received a wound
A spear was forced into my back
Still I fought on

When I am dead
Lay me in a mound
a for all to see
Runes to my memory

Here I lay on the river bank
A long, long way home
Life is pouring out of me
Soon I will be gone
I tilt my head to the side
And of those back home
I see the river rushing by
blood runs my wound
Here I lie on wet sand
I not make it home
I clinch my sword in my hand
Say to those I love

I am dead
Lay me in a mound
Place my weapons by my side
For the journey to Hall up high
When I am dead
Lay me in a mound
a stone for all to see
Runes carved to my memory

To my memory

To my memory

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