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Prettiest friend English Easy

by Jason Mraz

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
This is I like today
And I'm not to pull out my hair
I'm how to grow it but I'm far too shy
To show it there
That is probably why I like wearing hats
There's no denying I'm deferring the facts
Avoiding confrontation
tact in a situation
Behind is a lesson yet to learn
But if you me
The feeling that I'm feeling is overwhelming
And oh, it goes to show
There's so to know
I this for my prettiest friend
But while trying not to that I care
I was trying not to all my moves
In one motion and scare her away
She can't see she's making me crazy now
I don't believe she knows she's amazing how
She has me holding my breath
So I'd guess that I'm a none unsuitable
Suited for her
And if you ask me
The feeling I'm is complimentery
And oh, it goes to show
The moral of the story is boy loves girl
And so on but the way it unfolds is yet to be told

I that I should be brave
pretty can be seen by the blind
I know that I cannot wait
the day we finally how to find other
Redefining minds
And if you ask me
The that I'm feeling is overjoyed
And it's golden, it goes to show then
The ending of this should be left alone
And so on 'cause the way it unfolds is yet to be told

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