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Your Ex-lover Is Dead English Medium

by Stars

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When there is left to burn
You to set yourself on fire

God was strange to see you again
Introduced by a friend of a friend
and said "Yes I think we've met before"
In that it started to pour
Captured a taxi all the rain
We in silence across Champlain
And all of that time you thought I was sad
I was trying to your name

This scar is a on my skin
You tried to reach deep but you couldn't get in
And now you're outside me you see all the beauty
all sin
It's nothing but and a face that you'll lose
I to feel it and you couldn't choose
I'll write you a postcard, I'll you the news
From the house the road, from real love

through this and you won't look back
Live this and you won't look back
Live through this and you won't look back

There's one thing I to say so I'll be brave
You were what I wanted, I what I gave
I'm not sorry I met you
I'm not sorry it's over
I'm not sorry there's nothing to save
I'm not there's nothing to save
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