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Brown Eyes English Medium

by Lady GaGa

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In your brown eyes
I away
In your brown eyes
Couldn't stay
In brown eyes
You watch her go
Turn the on
And wonder went wrong
went wrong
If was everything but everything is over
Everything be everything if only we were older
Guess its just a silly you
And how I lost you
And your eyes

In your eyes
I was feeling low
Cause the brown eyes
And you never know
Got some brown eyes
But a soft face
I knew that it was wrong
So baby... turn the record on
Play that song
If everything was but is over
Everything be everything if we were older
its just a silly song about you
And how I lost you
And your brown eyes

Everything was everything
But baby its the last show
Everything could be everything
But its time to say so
Get your last fix, and your hit
Grab old bow with new tricks
I mean its no surprise I got lost
In brown eyes
In your brown eyes
(Brooown brooown...) eyes
Brown eyes
(Brooown brooown...) eyes
Got some broown eyes
(Brooown brooown...) eyes
Brown eyes

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