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God and Satan English Medium

by Biffy Clyro

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I to God as much as I talk to 'cause
I want to sides
that me cynical
are no miracles
And this is no life
I as much as I crave love because
I'm just a twisted guy
Is this the pinnacle, is this the pinnacle
The pinnacle of being alive
Now I see the light

Well I look up to god but I see
Trouble 'cause this aint a Miracle
I just want to take my chance to through a miracle
I know for that one is watching but
Is it from up or down
I make you miserable you stick me although
You know I'm gonna ruin your life

I talk to God as as I talk to Satan 'cause
I want to hear both sides
Does me cynical
There are no miracles
And is no life
We walk into the tide

Well I look up to god but I see
'cause ain't no Miracle
I just to take my chance to live through a miracle
When the see-saw snaps and your hand
Don't come crying to me
I'll only see your good side
And it's a miracle
A miracle
I slap the water and watch
The fish dance in the ripples of us
We're just stubborn duds
eyes encased in rust
a miracle
This aint a miracle
This aint a miracle
This aint a miracle

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