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When Susannah Cries English Easy

by Espen Lind

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
When Susannah cries
She a rainstorm
She a river
She cries a hole in the ground
She for love
She cries a sad song
She a shiver
Sometimes she cries for me too
And I say I'll never her
But she knows it isn't true
'Cos although I never told her
I think she bout me and you
Now she cries with silent tension
This can't be right
And the special along
'Cos I'm leaving tonight
When Susannah cries
She cries a rainstorm
She cries a river
She cries a in the ground
She for love
She a sad song
She cries a shiver
Sometimes she cries for me too
Now I slip the her
And I hope she'll be okay
I just pray someone find her
And guide her her way
'Cos I'm on the one am
By soon I'm out of sight
But she'll always be my baby
Though I'm leaving tonight

(Yeah!, yeah, yeah, yeah...)

I hear her
Talking in her sleep
She "You know I'll be there"
And I feel like such a creep
Please back the love she to me
And in her grief will pass
Just tell her I loved her
Now it's all...
She has...
(Oh oh oh... uh uh... uh uh...)
When Susannah cries

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