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I Belong To You English Easy

by Anastacia & Eros Ramazzotti

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(Adesso no, non difendermi)
(Supererò dentro di me gli ostacoli...)
(I difficili, per te)
is no reason, there's no rhyme: it's crystal clear
I hear your and all the darkness disappears
Every time I look into your eyes you maybe love you
(Questo inverno finirà)
I do truly love you
(Fuori e me)
How you love you
(Con le sue difficoltà)
I do you
I belong to you, you belong to me forever
you, I want you and
I thought that you know that I believe
You're the that's underneath my wings
I to you, you belong to me
(Ho camminato su pensieri ripidi)
You are my fantasy
(Per solitudini e deserti aridi)
You are my gentle breeze
(Al ritmo della tua passione ora io vivrò)
And I'll never let you go
(L'amore attraverserò)
You'are the piece that makes me whole
(Le onde dei attimi)
I can feel you in my soul
(Profondi come oceani)
(Vincerò per te le che io sento)
(Quanto bruciano dentro)
(Le che non ho più detto, sai...)
Want you, baby I you
And I thought that you should that I believe
(Lampi nel silenzio noi)
I belong to you, you to me

You're the wind that's underneath my wings
I belong to you, you belong to me (yeah...)
(Adesso io ti sento)
I belong forever
To you

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