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Numb English Medium

by U2

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
Don't move, don't talk out of time
Don't think, don't worry
Everything's just fine

Just fine

Don't grab, don't clutch
Don't for too much
Don't breathe, don't achieve
Or without leave

Don't check, balance on the fence
Don't answer, don't ask
Don't try and make sense

Don't whisper, don't talk
Don't run if you can walk
Don't cheat, compete
Don't miss the one beat

Don't travel by train
Don't eat, don't spill
Don't piss in the drain
Don't make a will

Don't out any forms
Don't compensate
Don't cower, don't crawl
Don't come late

Don't hover at the gate

Don't it on board
Don't fall on your sword
Just play another chord

If you feel you're getting bored

I feel numb

I numb

Too much is not enough (I feel numb)
Don't change your brand (give me what you got)
Don't listen to the band
Don't gape, don't ape (Give me what I don't get)
Don't (give me some more)

Have another grape (too much is not enough)
I feel numb

Gimme some more
A piece of me, baby

I feel numb
Don't plead, don't bridle
Don't shackle, don't grind (give me some more)
Don't curve, don't swerve (I feel numb)
Lie, don't (give me some more)

Don't theorize, realise, polarise (I feel numb)
Chance, dance, dismiss
Apologise (give me what you got)
(Too is not enough)
Don't spy, don't lie
Don't try, imply, detain, explain (I feel numb)

Don't triumph, don't coax
Don't cling, don't hoax
Don't freak, peak, don't leak
Don't speak (I feel numb)

(I feel numb)
Don't Project, don't connect, protect
Don't expect, suggest (I numb)
Don't Project, don't connect, protect
Don't expect, suggest (I feel numb)
Don't struggle, don't jerk
Don't collar, don't work
Don't wish, don't fish
Don't teach, don't reach (I feel numb)

(Too much is not enough)
Don't borrow, don't break
Don't fence, don't steal
Don't pass, don't press
Try hard, don't feel

Don't touch, don't dive
Don't suffer, don't rhyme
Don't fantasize, don't rise
Don't lie (I feel numb)
Don't Project, don't connect, (I feel numb)
Don't expect, suggest
Don't Project, don't connect, protect (I feel numb)
Don't expect, suggest

(I feel numb)

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