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Invisible Empire English Easy

by KT Tunstall

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
I thought the candle was gonna go out
The was and the door was open
But the never went out

The wave found its way to the shore
I thought it was a and nothing more
But the wave found its way all the way
To the shore

(Oh oh) I wanna burn this house
I know, I wanna jump into the fire
(Oh oh) got to tear them down
The pinnacles of my empire

I know the gamble never works twice
All the distractions of the table
And the weighted dice
But the thrill of it feels so nice
You’d do it all again

But I to the and lose
I’m standing on the platform
my in the noose
And I know it’s not my time
not my time

(Oh oh) I wanna burn this house
I know, I jump the fire
(Oh oh) I’ve got to them down
The pinnacles of my invisible empire

And if I do all the I do
Well, I myself that I’m staying true
I’ll never stop
You know never stop
You know I’ll never about it

Put an end to all this time
I would spend with it on my mind
You it never stopped
You know it never stopped
You know I always wondered it

I the wonder
(Oh oh no oh oh) I a rusting crown
I this dynasty is falling
The shouts for round
I see the ruin
The spectacular
Icebergs, the minarets
And the marketplaces
The of my invisible empire

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