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I'm Goin' Down (Cover) English Easy

by Mary J. Blige

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on my hands
Since you've away boy
I ain't got no plans no, no, no, no

And the of the rain
Against my window pane
Is slowly
Is slowly driving me insane, boy
I'm goin' down
I'm goin down
'Cause you ain't around baby
My whole world's down
Sleep don't easy
Boy believe me
Since you've been gone
Everything's going wrong
Why'd you to say goodbye
Look what you've done to me
I can't stop these tears my eyes
(Oh) baby
I'm goin' down
I'm goin' down
'Cause you ain't baby
My whole world's upside down

(Oh) baby love
Goin' down, goin' down
(Oh) I'm goin' down
I'm goin' down
I'm down
'Cause you ain't baby
My whole world's down
Goin' down, goin' down
(Oh) I don't know to do
If I you
I'll be goin' down
I said I'll be goin' down
(Oh) please forgive me baby
I'm so sorry, sorry, sorry
did I do wrong?
I said
What did I do wrong?
Please forgive my baby
And home
Goin' down
Goin' down
Goin' down

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