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No One English Easy

by Maja Keuc

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
And you came to me one night
Like a light
Just to hold me tight
you and I was so alone
Saying I should known
You’re no good for me
There’s no reason I cry
No, no baby, I’ll survive
I don’t care
I don’t care
No one will hold you tight
No one will love you like
Just no one like I do
There is no one, no one
No one will ever treat you right
You’re the one who’s satisfied
There is no one like I…
Like I am

I can feel what you’re looking for
I’m not that girl no more
I’m not made of stone
I’m gonna stand on my own
Not break me down
No one stop me now
No, no, no, no
‘Cause life is you
And I know I can make it through
Without you, you...
Round and round and round
I feel love for sure...
Spinning all around
Now you want me, don’t you
No one will hold you tight...
No one love you like...
Now you’re back, I can feel love
(Oh) yeah
I’m never gonna let you
No one will ever treat you right
the one who’s never satisfied
After all, you can fall
And there’s no one you can reach to
No one will ever, ever you
No one ever, ever touch you
No one will ever, ever hold
now, turn now
If you me, yeah
No one like me
No one, no one

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