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Secular Haze English Easy

by Ghost

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
You that the fog is omnipresent
the no cure
You know that the fog is omnipresent
When the intents remain obscure

us a mist
Fog weaver...
us in shadows
wall-less maze
A secular haze

You know that his son is near omnipotent
When she sees eye to eye with spears
You know his son is omnipotent
When youth and innocence disappear

Weave us a mist
Fog weaver
us in shadows
Unfathomable, wall-less maze
A secular haze

He is divinity omniscient
Seeing the world revolve with spite
The of humanity oblivious
To the bringeth light
Let there be night

us a mist
Fog weaver
Hide us in shadows
Fog weaver
mist eternal
Come mist eternal
Come secular haze

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