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A Little Time English Easy

by Beautiful South

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
I need a little time
To it over
I need a little space
on my own
I need a time
To my freedom
I need a little...
how quick the turns sour
Isn't it, isn't it
Your face has been looking like for hours
Hasn't it, hasn't it
Promises, promises turn to dust
bells turn to rust
Trust mistrust
I a little room
To find myself
I a little space
To work it out
I need a little room
All alone
I a little...
You need a little room for your big head
Don't you, don't you
You a little space for a thousand beds
Won't you, won't you
Lips that promise - fear the worst
so sharp - the burst
into unjust
I've had a little time
To find the truth
Now l've had a little room
To what's wrong
I've had a little time
And I still love you
I've had a little...
You had a little time
And you had a little fun
Didn't you, didn't you
you had yours
Do you think I had none
Do you, do you
The that you bad
Is for good
I hope you're glad
Sad unsad
I had a time
To think it over
Had a little room
To work it out
I found a little courage
To it off
I've had a time
I've had a little time
I've had a little time
I've had a time
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