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Between the lines English Easy

by One Direction

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
Sometimes, sometimes I feel I'm you apart
I'm taking you, so long to let it drop
of something good,
I dont know what to do, to do.
I'm but suddenly, true
and nothing can complain
I found in you and I could take way,
but I can't look back,
I shouldn't back.

And I, I don't wanna wait,
another day with you,
I wanna take her heart
and give my heart at you.
Can you my heart beat?
as look, as it feels,
but I'm tearing you apart,
the lines.
Oh, you're gonna read the lines.

You take,take,and everything,
my heart can be the same,
as long as I regret to take away,
but something tells me back
I will fall, and I will fall.
You say, our memories look
at moving on.
And suddenly, the best to holding on
but something tells me that
I never should be afraid,
should be afraid.

And I, I don't wanna waste
another day with you,
I don't wanna take my heart
and feeling like at you
Can you feel my heart beat?
cause it's something, (about)
the way me feels
like I'm tearing you apart,
between the lines.
Oh, you're gonna between the lines.
You're gonna read,
You're gonna the lines.
You're gonna read the lines.
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