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London Bridge is Falling Down English Easy

by Nursery Rhymes

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
London Bridge is down

Falling down, down

London Bridge is down

My fair lady

it up with and stones

and stones, sticks and

Build it up sticks and stones

My lady

Sticks and all fall

All fall down, all down

Sticks and stones will all fall

My fair lady

it up wood and clay

Wood and clay, wood and clay

it up and clay

My fair lady

Wood and clay will away

away, wash away

Wood and clay will wash away

My fair lady

Build it up with and steel

Iron and steel, iron and steel

Build it up with and steel

My fair

Iron and steel will and bow

and bow, bend and bow

and will bend and bow

My fair lady

Build it up with bricks offshore

Bricks offshore,

Build it up with bricks offshore

My fair lady

It will stand

Evermore, evermore

It will stand forevermore


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