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My dream or nightmare English Easy

by Justin Bieber

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
One day upon awakening
I began to mourn for reminding
It was a dream or a nightmare?
Help die tonight

And morning trying to remember you
that scene in a coffin and crying
kill me .. I in the
die if they do not tell me babe

It's a dream or a nightmare
It's only you look deep in my life
smile macabre
love laugh x2

Come to me your black dress and hood
imagine that scene is my funeral
The reason for all this be the missing
your refusal will kill me?

Kill me? Kill me ....
Hoo hoo hoo You my death and always will be

It's just a dream or a
It's only you look deep in my
Your macabre
moribumda love your laugh x2

Kill me now if your rejection was not a dream and reality is just a damn Truth
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