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Born On The Sun English Medium

by Dio

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
There's a in the rainbow
There's a hole in the sky
You in something
Now it's just a lie, yeah

No from the jester
Not a laugh from the clown
And your world is down, yeah

You can hide in a circle
It's a way to survive
Be another number
At you'd be alive

Or you can ride the gypsy
He can you to hell
And the answers screaming
In a you so well

You're of fire
Never higher
You were to run

You're higher
You've got the fire
You born on the sun
Get ready to run

So a walk with a wild one
It's the way that I've found
You can turn it upside down

You're made of fire
Never higher
You made to run

You're burning higher
You've got the fire
You were born on the sun

You were born on the sun
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