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Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming English Medium

by Deep Purple

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While you were out...
the message says
You left a number
and I tried to call
But wrote it down
in a perfect scrawl
in a Spanish scrawl

Yet again
I'm missing you
King bed
(in a) someplace
I your name
I see your face
I see your face

(The) back street dolls
and the side door johnnies
The wide eyed with their bags full of
Back in the alley
going bang to the wall
Tied to the tail
of a midnight crawl
Heaven wouldn't be
so high I know
if the times by
hadn't so low
The laid plans
come at the seams
and shatter all my dreams

Sometimes I feel like...
close my eyes
It's times this
my head goes down
and the only thing I know
is the of this town
is the name of this town

Yet again
I'm missing you
won't be long
O' home
Until time
I'll be on
I'll be moving on
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