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It's Raining Again English Medium

by Supertramp

Fill In the blanks, then press Score to check your answers
Oh it's raining again, oh no my love's at an end.
oh no it's again, and you it's hard to pretend
oh no it's raining again, too bad, I'm a friend
oh no, it's raining again, oh, my ever mend
You're old enough, people say,
to read the signs, and walk away.
it's only time that heals the pain,
and makes the sun come out again.
Oh it's again, oh no by love's at an end.
oh no it's again, too bad, I'm losing a friend
Da da da da da da da
Come on you little fighter
no need to get up tighter
come on you little fighter
and get up again
Oh, get up again,
oh, fill your heart again
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