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Addicted English Medium

by Amy Winehouse

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Tell your boyfriend next time he around
To buy his own weed and don't wear my down
I wouldn't care if bre me some more
I'd him leave you then leave him my draw

When you all my weed man
You call the green man
So I can get mine and you get yours

Once is enough to make me attack
So me a bag and your man can come back
I'll him at the door make sure he got green
I'm than airport security teams

When you smoke all my man
You gotta call the green man
So I can get mine and you get yours

I'm my own man so when will you learn
you got a man but I got to burn
Don't make no difference if I end up alone
I'd rather myself a smoke my homegrown
It's got me addicted, does more than any did

Yeh I can get and you get yours
Yeh I can get mine and you get your
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